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  • COVID Clinical Fellowship – A Unique Perspective

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    Part of my job is mentoring SLPs who are completing their Clinical Fellowship. I will be honest – these clinical fellows are light years beyond where I was when I graduated 22 (gulp!) years ago. Their clinical skills and professionalism amaze me. This past year, we all experienced speech/language services through a pandemic, but it… (read more)

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Hello – 2021

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    The last year has seen a number of significant developments in the realm of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) across the professions of speech-language pathology, school psychology, and occupational therapy. Prior to the uprising following George Floyd’s murder last May, one would have had to search to find DEI statements from the national organizations representing… (read more)

  • Workload Responsibilities for SLPs, SLPAs, and EAs (FREE DOWNLOAD)

    It takes a village, as the saying goes, and while that proverb did not originate in the halls of a school building, there are few places where it rings more true. There will be countless professionals who support a child as they make their way towards a diploma, and this is especially true for students… (read more)

  • Stuttering: A Journey with Dr. Derek Daniels

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    Our final PD event this year was a game-changing evening with Dr. Derek Daniels from Wayne State University, who shared his expertise on Working with School-Age Children Who Stutter. Dr. Daniels emphasized a shift of focus for stuttering treatment, which approaches stuttering as a result of neurodiversity, not an abnormal brain. This was the first… (read more)

  • Unbreak Your Brain: 3 Tips for Surviving Our Second COVID Spring

    Unbreak Your Brain_ 3 Tips for our Second Covid Spring rainbow

    The spring season in special education always feels a little bit frantic, but this year . . . well, this year is really something special. As we wrote in February, life in the Covid era means there can be a tectonic shift on any given day. Aside from all of the usual spring tasks, simply… (read more)

  • An Afternoon of Drag Queen BINGO

    Poison Waters drag queen bingo

    At this point in the pandemic, Zoom meetings and virtual socializing have really lost their sparkle. What was a year ago novel and something we were all doing “just until we get through this,” has now become a way of life and we’re all to be forgiven if we’re just totally over it.  Such was the… (read more)