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  • Communication Development Red Flags Roundup

    communication development red flags

    Communication development is one of the most complex and lengthy processes that humans undergo as they mature from infancy to adulthood. In fact, our communication skills continue to evolve throughout our entire lifetimes! The communication foundation that is built in early childhood also serves to support our later academic endeavors and plays a significant role… (read more)

  • Bilingual Communication Development: 4 Red Flags

    It’s time for another Communication Development Red Flags downloadable resource! This time we’re talking about bilingual communication development.  Bilingualism comes in many shapes and sizes, and there are lots of different ways that children acquire a second language. Some children learn their first language (L1) before a second language (L2) is acquired. This pattern is… (read more)

  • Communication Development in Late Elementary: 5 Red Flags

    Our Communication Red Flags series continues this month with a resource addressing the late elementary years (grades 3-5).  The hallmark of communication development at this age is that all-important shift to becoming a Student with a capital S. Understanding and using academic vocabulary takes center stage with this group. Kids this age can have conversations… (read more)

  • Communication Development in Early Elementary: 5 Red Flags

    Time for a new installment in our Communication Red Flags series! This time, let’s talk about the early elementary years.  Communication development in early elementary school (kindergarten through 2nd grade) is an exciting time! Starting school means that children learn to understand and manipulate language in a whole new way. Every day brings new things… (read more)

  • Communication Development in Young Adults: 4 Red Flags

    A few weeks back, we shared a free downloadable reference on communication development red flags in preschoolers. That has been such a popular download, that we thought we’d make a new one! This one explains 4 red flags in communication development in young adults (5th to 12th grade).: Communication development in young adults is often overlooked at… (read more)

  • Communication Development in Preschoolers: 5 Red Flags

    Do you ever wonder if your young child’s speech-language development is on target? Have questions like these? Articulation – how much should you understand at each age? Expressive language – should your child be combining words yet? Receptive language – how do you know how much they understand? Stuttering – don’t all kids stutter sometimes?… (read more)