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  • Insulating Your District Against The Great Resignation: Wages, Benefits, and Service Models in the New Normal

    White background with dark yellow rectangle with dark purple text. Text reads: Insulating your district against the great resignation wages, benefits and service models in the new normal

    School districts are accustomed to “events.” Something rattles the routine for a specific time on the school calendar, and then things return to normal. An ice storm, a teacher’s illness, a labor strike are all challenging events, but then they conclude and we all get back to business as usual again.  COVID-19 is viewed by… (read more)

  • Ignite

    At Hello, we know that a tiny spark can start something big. Our people know the power of a single word of encouragement, a kernel of an idea, a lone voice of advocacy, an unsteady first step. They know that just one small ember has the power to transform the future, bringing bring light into… (read more)

  • Welcome Aboard and Back to School 2021!

    photo of 7 women standing behind a couch and 5 women sitting on the couch, all wearing masks; at the hello clinic

    Back to school season is an exciting time for school staff, students, and their families, but for 22 SLPs, SLPAs, and school psychologists this fall, it means a brand new job with The Hello Foundation! We held 2 new staff orientations – one socially distanced in-person at our new clinic space, and another via zoom… (read more)