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  • Did You Know…? We’ll Provide You With Documentation

    The American Speech-Language Hearing Association (ASHA) provides what it calls “Model Health Care Benefits,” suggesting that all health insurance should provide full coverage of the assessment and treatment of a full-range of speech and language delays and disabilities. It is an unfortunate truth, however, that many plans fall far short of this lofty ideal. In… (read more)

  • Did You Know…? Parents and SLPs Are a Great Team!

    We here at Hello Online are big believers in Evidence Based Practice. We believe in asking questions of ourselves, our clients, and our professional community to ensure that we are doing what will bring the best outcomes for our clients. We also believe in the power of parents to make the critical difference in the… (read more)

  • Did You Know…? Our Services are Affordable

      Because Hello Online doesn’t have the overhead of a traditional office setting, we’re able to offer our services for less money than you would pay in a traditional setting. Keeping the lights on and the furnace cranking in an office takes money, and businesses pass those costs onto the customer. Hello Online doesn’t have… (read more)

  • Did You Know…? Our Clients Are In Charge

    Hello Online believes that it is you, the client, who should be in the driver’s seat when it comes to improving your communication skills. Your free consultation session with the clinician you choose will let you discuss the issues you’re wanting to address, as well as your scheduling needs. And, unlike traditional brick-and-mortar speech therapy,… (read more)

  • Did You Know…? Everyone Has an Accent

    And, like it or not, sometimes that accent can get in the way of your professional and personal goals. The majority of our clients work on accent reduction to assist them in work settings. If you’ve ever wanted to change your accent, or know someone else who has, then this blog post is for you…. (read more)

  • Did You Know…? Rate of Speech is Important

    Talking too quickly can cause listeners to fatigue as they try to keep up with the speaker, which in turn means that the speaker is not effectively communicating their message. Talking too slowly, on the other hand, can cause a listener to become bored and tune-out, again resulting in ineffective communication. Is there such a… (read more)