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  • What Employer Flexibility Looks Like in Special Education

    Employer Flexibility in Special Education

    I had to take my mother to an early morning doctor’s appointment. It was 7 a.m., I had just made a left turn, and my car was inadvertently straddling two lanes. As the traffic in front of me edged forward, I pulled into one lane alone. Five seconds later, the driver from the truck behind… (read more)

  • Insulating Your District Against The Great Resignation: Wages, Benefits, and Service Models in the New Normal

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    School districts are accustomed to “events.” Something rattles the routine for a specific time on the school calendar, and then things return to normal. An ice storm, a teacher’s illness, a labor strike are all challenging events, but then they conclude and we all get back to business as usual again.  COVID-19 is viewed by… (read more)

  • When All the Decisions are Hard Ones: 3 Rules for Staying Compliant and Retaining Staff

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    Special education administrator has never been an easy job, but it has gotten infinitely more challenging since the onset of the COVID era, and this fall has been particularly rough. It seems like every admin we’ve talked to in the last few weeks is overwhelmed with a daily deluge of seemingly impossible decisions with far-reaching… (read more)

  • Where Are All of the Preschoolers?

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    Working with kids in almost any sector means that you are at the whim of school schedules, flu and cold season, holidays, summer camps, and vacations. At the Clinic, the transition from summer schedules to fall schedules always means that we have lots of morning and early afternoon appointment spots open up as big kids… (read more)

  • 6 Dos and Don’ts of COVID Compensatory Services

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    The school year is well underway, and for many students and their families, that means a long-awaited return to the classroom. For students who receive special education services, this fall also brings conversations of compensatory (or recovery) services to mitigate losses incurred while COVID kept them out of school buildings.  Discussions about compensatory services during… (read more)

  • Approaching Uncertainty, Again: 3 Tips for Back to School 2021

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    I usually love the excitement of the back-to-school season. It is a fresh start for everyone, filled with optimism and epitomized by clean notebooks, sharpened pencils, and new bulletin board decorations. This year, it seemed like it would be extra special. We had somehow made it through last school year, as tough as it was…. (read more)