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  • Einstein by My Bedside: An App Update

    app update

    Recently I had a conversation with a gentleman who spoke of his experience running a private medical practice as the director. He spoke of often having to crack the whip and assure others that he knew when they were and were not doing their jobs. I smiled politely and wondered to myself, Why would he… (read more)

  • Note Taking Apps for ASHA (and Beyond!)

    note taking apps

    Want to simplify your note-taking and stay organized at the ASHA convention this year? There are some great apps for that. We’ve got you covered some technology-forward tips for ASHA and all of your professional development events to come! Before you go . . . Try Tripit as your personal travel assistant.  Tripit will keep all your… (read more)

  • Welcome to the Future – Speech Therapy 2.0

    hello there app announcement

    “Is this the life I want to live?” I keep this Post-It note on my desk, reading it every day, to remind me that I’m the only one in charge of my future. It also gives me pause to think about what I want not only today to look like but the future, too. And… (read more)

  • Assistive Technology Fall PD Event

    Last week Hello folks gathered for our Fall Professional Development event to learn about the latest tricks of the trade in Assistive Technology.  Gina Ossanna MS, CCC-SLP shared tools used to support students with learning challenges in the general education classroom, and Lucinda Bowman MS, CCC-SLP shared her expertise and reviews of speech generated devices…. (read more)

  • Harnessing the Power of Flashcard Apps

    Flashcard apps

      Talk to almost anyone who has done articulation therapy, and at some point they have enjoyed the convenience of a deck of cards. Flashcards offer pre-selected targets with a visual representation, and great opportunities for repetition and practice. Given a batch of articulation cards with words containing your target sound, it’s easy to scaffold… (read more)

  • App Review: ChatAble 1.3

    The newly updated ChatAble 1.3 is now available from Therapy Box! I received a review copy of this AAC app, which offers communication through symbol-based grids as well as visual scene displays. Initially, I was quite taken with the combination of features provided (especially the Write Pad — more on that later!) and my mind… (read more)