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  • Hello Presents – Rory and David (Video)

    THF presents David and Rory

    People have lots of preconceived ideas about what it’s like to be an SLP contractor in the schools. You can get a pretty good idea about what those ideas are if you listen to what they say when you tell them that’s what you do . . .  Don’t you get tired of bouncing around?… (read more)

  • Press Play! for AAC users

    Keeping with Hello’s theme to Press Play this year, we thought it’d be fun to focus on integrating play into AAC use.  We spend so much time with kids teaching them how to “work” with their device — how to request more mashed potatoes, how to comment in class — but we should also spend time… (read more)

  • SignAloud Invention Could Open Up More Doors For Communication

    SignAloud gloves

    Score another win for technology as a communication tool.  In April, two sophomores from the University of Washington won a $10,000 Lemelson-MIT Student Prize for creating a pair of lightweight gloves that detect and translate American Sign Language (ASL) into spoken words. The “SignAloud” invention uses sensors to detect hand movements and position, ultimately determining… (read more)

  • Assistive Technology Fall PD Event

    Last week Hello folks gathered for our Fall Professional Development event to learn about the latest tricks of the trade in Assistive Technology.  Gina Ossanna MS, CCC-SLP shared tools used to support students with learning challenges in the general education classroom, and Lucinda Bowman MS, CCC-SLP shared her expertise and reviews of speech generated devices…. (read more)

  • SETT: More powerful than you thought

    You know how sometimes the simplest tools are the most powerful? I see it all the time in my work with kids. A white board. A hand-written checklist. A picture taped to the corner of the desk. I certainly believe in (and frequently witness) the wonders of ‘high-tech’ solutions, but the simplest ones – often… (read more)

  • “Never heard ‘me’ before”: Using Technology to Give People Their Own Voice

    Famed physicist Stephen Hawking was diagnosed with ALS when he was a student at Oxford University, and lost his ability to speak long before he was done sharing his thoughts with the world. He was given a speech generating device (SGD) to help him express himself through augmentative communication. While his device has given him… (read more)