• School Staff are at “Surge Capacity:” Helping Clinicians to Fill Their Cups

    8 dimensions of wellness

    I believe school staff and clinicians are the heroes of the world. Nurturing, teaching, and supporting students throughout their educational journey is an amazing and noble endeavor. This work requires that we give and give all year, but we do this knowing that we can replenish during the summertime. However, in talking with many school… (read more)

  • What Employer Flexibility Looks Like in Special Education

    Employer Flexibility in Special Education

    I had to take my mother to an early morning doctor’s appointment. It was 7 a.m., I had just made a left turn, and my car was inadvertently straddling two lanes. As the traffic in front of me edged forward, I pulled into one lane alone. Five seconds later, the driver from the truck behind… (read more)

  • Winter PD Retreat 2022

    Winter PD 2-22 zoom grid

    We had an amazing day of professional development at our annual Winter Retreat this year! We started off the morning with Nia Thomas, MS, CCC-SLP, Founder and Editor of Bilingual Resources,  who presented on Culturally Responsive Evaluations and Intervention. Our key takeaway from her presentation was that the disparity between the cultural diversity of therapists and… (read more)

  • Using Change to Foster Growth – The SLPA Series

    In January 2014, I wrote on a piece on change and how making small changes to our schedule, approach, or focus can foster growth. As we approach two years of a pandemic that has made us question any sense of consistency or expectation that we can plan for the future, it may seem foolish to talk… (read more)

  • Crystals! An Instruction Sheet with Speech, Language, and Occupational Therapy Activities

    Blue and yellow sunburst with clouds; text reads "CRYSTALS"

    Crystals are, in a word, cool. It doesn’t seem to matter how old you are or how many amazing things you’ve seen in your life, there is just something about how they grow and their infinite uniqueness that inspires a little bit of awe in all of us. So, whether you’re cooped up at home at… (read more)

  • School Admin Survey Results 2021

    Pie chart with values 79% excellent, 13% good, 8% average; text overlay reads "92% of respondents rated the elvel of service they've experienced working with the The Hello Foundation as excellent or good"

    Happy New Year from your friends at The Hello Foundation! With the second half of the year starting and in the spirit of our theme Ignite Curiosity, I wanted to share the results of our recent Administrator survey. Here are some highlights! The first thing we always ask is how we’re doing. 92% of our… (read more)

  • A Fall of Coming Together (Apart) to Support Students and Each Other

    White cloud with satellites on blue background. Text reads: Coming Together (Apart) to support students and each other

    Long before Covid and CDL and travel restrictions, Hello was working to perfect the art of remote work. Many of our clinicians have a hybrid schedule that puts them onsite in schools once a month, but even THFers who work a more traditional onsite-everyday schedule are remote from their THF co-workers! As a result, we… (read more)

  • Insulating Your District Against The Great Resignation: Wages, Benefits, and Service Models in the New Normal

    White background with dark yellow rectangle with dark purple text. Text reads: Insulating your district against the great resignation wages, benefits and service models in the new normal

    School districts are accustomed to “events.” Something rattles the routine for a specific time on the school calendar, and then things return to normal. An ice storm, a teacher’s illness, a labor strike are all challenging events, but then they conclude and we all get back to business as usual again.  COVID-19 is viewed by… (read more)

  • School Psychs: Who are They and What Can They Do?

    The Hello Foundation has always had a dedicated handful of school psychologists, but we have welcomed 20 school psychologists to our ranks this year! The role of a school psychologist varies from state to state and even from district to district, so we thought we’d kick off National School Psychology Week (NSPW) with a primer on… (read more)

  • The Importance of Routine – The SLPA Series

    the SLPA series: the importance of routine on a teal gradient, yellow-orange wave border on bottom of image

    Over a decade ago, we had a series of posts directed at SLPs and SLPAs, that focused on therapy fundamentals and clinical skills. Since we have our first cohort of THF SLPAs working in the schools this year, we thought it would be fun to take another look at these posts and reimagine their place… (read more)