We think Hello is extra awesome, but what really counts is what the people we work with think. 
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"I have so enjoyed working with Chrys this year. I wish we could've had her here with us full time. She has good insight into students, and I appreciated her guidance with special education law and requirements!" - Sara H., School District
Chrys Testimonial
"We have been receiving speech services from Kathleen Callaghan for the past year with The Hello Clinic. I think it is our son's favorite play date of the week. She has been ceaseless in making sure we are helping him move forward to the next level in communication and literacy." - Sharon M., Parent
Kathleen Testimonial
"Nina has been a great support for our students and staff. She goes above and beyond to help students get to a state of calmness where they can learn from her instruction. She has innovative ideas and evaluates the effectiveness of her instruction with teacher input." - Amy G., Salem-Keiser School District
Nina Testimonial
"Kimberly is fantastic. She noted that Alex has a moderate to severe lisp and went through some exercises to help him understand how his tongue contributes to articulation. He had a pretty hard time staying focused, but she was miraculously able to re-engage him every time." - Sandy H. Parent
Kimberly Testimonial
"Elsa is passionate about her work and the students she works with. Even though she is not here every day she is great about communicating thru email, her para and phone calls." - Loretta, Yakima School District
Elsa Testimonial
"Kim will at times have other therapists sit in briefly for another opinion on how to further improve my son's speech. I really appreciate the persistence for 'perfection.' I believe this is one of the reasons my son has come such a long way." - Diane W., Parent
Kim T Testimonial
"It was strange at first the whole tele thing, but Tom is so professional and made it easy to work with the tele thing. He's one of the best psychs I've worked with. He's organized, knows his stuff and does a great job. He's easy to work with and gets things done. It was a tough year and he made it easier cause he's got a great personality as well as being an excellent school psych." - Theresa S., Yakima School District
Tom Testimonial
"My daughter has been working with Kim Mahi, on a weekly basis, over video chat. She has thoroughly enjoyed the sessions, both because she is learning a great deal and also because Kim makes the whole process very interesting for her. She also likes Kim very much. Not to mention, the option of staying at home for the session works great. It certainly beats going to another appointment that we must drive to and fight Portland rush hour traffic!" - Lori P, Parent
Kim M Testimonial
"I greatly respect Lucinda's input as an experienced and very professional team member. She has been an incredibly valuable asset to our organization!" - Annette G., Big Country Co-Op
Lucinda Testimonial
"My son has made HUGE leaps and bounds in his development since coming here and he loves both Marjorie and Christina. I can't say enough good things!" - Elizabeth R., Parent
Christina G Testimonial
"Heidi is great! We love her and the model is working fabulous with having her here every month on campus. Thank you!" - Goldendale School Administrator
Heidi Testimonial



The Hello Promise is our word, the vow we make to every person with whom we interact. It is what we will always do, no matter what.
None of it is particularly easy, but we’re not in the business of easy.

We’re in the business of doing what’s right for kids.

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