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  • SLP Leave of Absence Round-Up

    slp leave of absence round-up

    I started a new budgeting program a few months ago and one of the core tenants of the system is that there is no such thing as a surprise expense. All of the things that we consider unexpected expenses are, in fact, incredibly predictable. Oh no! My timing belt needs to be replaced! What a surprise!… (read more)

  • Winter Revelry 2018!

    The Hello peeps spent last Saturday evening gathered together with our special people celebrating the arrival of the winter holidays and each other’s company. This year found us gathered at Henry’s Tavern, a new-to-us venue that provided good food, good drinks, and plenty of room to mingle (and play pool!). We carried our annual theme of… (read more)

  • Fall PD Event with Kerry Mandulak!

    Sandra and Kerry

    We had a great evening with Dr. Kerry Mandulak from Pacific University as she shared with us her endless wisdom and expertise on cleft palate. Most of us only get to work with a handful of children with cleft palate, and rarely is this topic included in our graduate coursework.  We were thrilled to gain… (read more)

  • Poll: What should school leaders be doing every day?

    leadership poll thumb

    There is a lot out there on the internets about the qualities of a good boss. Inc ranked their top 10 traits of a good boss as Empathy, Trust, Loyalty, Discernment, Insight, Character, Reward, Relationship, Honor, and Conviction. Ok sure. We agree with that (even if our inner SLPs want to nitpick that those words aren’t,… (read more)

  • Compliance: 3 Tasks for SLPs


    When I get questions from school-based SLPs around compliance, it usually has to do with workload, e.g. “How do I maintain compliance when I don’t have enough time to do everything that needs to be done?” Compliance covers everything from meeting IEP service minutes to managing evaluation timelines and deadlines for annual and triennial meeting and… (read more)

  • New Video! Our Core Values

    core value video

    If you’ve followed us for any length of time, you’ve likely heard about our 4 core values: Put Kids First, Provide Quality Service, Practice Work-Life Balance, and Give. They are, as we frequently say, at the root of Our Why and they guide what we do every day. One of the best parts about them… (read more)